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The Natural Wonder Chocolate Hills | My Mix Pedia

The Natural Wonder Chocolate Hills


Chocolate hills are the eye catching attraction for the tourist. It is been ranked number 6 in the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Some times it is considered as the “Eight Wonder of the World.

It is located in Bohol province “Philippines “. They are naturally coned shaped green hills which turn up chocolate brown in sun during dry season, for its color reason it drive the name of the chocolate hills . These hills are in different sizes, if we see them from the aeroplane they look like small moles here and there.

Some people say these hills look like women’s breast and it also reminds us the hills in the drawing of a small child.

The geologists have not reached the consensus on how these hills where formed, but however they believe that these hills were formed from marine limestone on top of a clay layer.

Government owned the Chocolate Hills Complex and a resort having a restaurant, shops, hotel with swimming pool, and a viewing deck that offers a 360° view of the chocolate hills and the blue sea beyond. Vans and buses are the most common means of transport to go there.

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